Finding the Right Wedding Reception Site

The wedding reception site is an important decision to make, and there are a few choices and decisions you will have to make.

Choosing the Wedding Reception Site

Never, never choose the wedding reception location over the phone! You and your partner should go and see the site itself for yourself. You should also not just take the first one you see, shop around and have a look at at least 3 or 4 different sites, as each site has it's ups and down.

Cost of the Reception Site

Obviously you need to take into consideration of the cost involved. Use your budget planner to ensure that you don't go and overspend, or if the amount of the reception site is going to cost more than you budgeted for, you will be able to see how it is going to effect your overall budget.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the site have tables and chairs?
  • Does the reception site have cooking and cleaning facilities?
  • Does the reception have clean toilets?
  • Does the recpetion site have ample dancing space?
  • What exactly do they charge for?

It may not always be worth your while to go for a cheaper reception location that doesn't have all the added extras. Remember that if you do choose a site that doesn't have their own tables and chairs, that if you then hire them elsewhere that they may not set them up for you unless you have made prior arrangements.

Another good idea would be to go and see the recpetion site you have decided on with your caterer. This is always going to benifit you for a number of reasons, but most importantly is that the caterer has experience in working with reception sites and may think of something that you may not have taken into consideration.

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